Lower Deschutes report 8/11/15

The Warm Springs drift is fishing pretty well most days, but plan on getting deep and fishing a Girdle Bug and a dropper with 2 or 3 small split shot and an indicator. Small Soft Hackle flies, Split Case Emerger, Caddis Pupa, PMD Angel Case Emerger, Hares Ears, Frenchie’s, Copper Johns and Red Prince Nymphs are working well.
When the hatch is on you’ll see some good PMD and Pale Evening Dun hatches, Caddis Tan #16, Olive #16-18, Dark Brown or Black #18-20. It’s worth trying a hopper on the banks too. Look for spinner falls at dusk.
Sculpin patterns swing on a sink tip is a good fly now too.

Maupin area is good. There are some steelhead showing up in town and the fishing is good for both trout and steelhead above the White River.
BELOW the White River is Blown! It’s looking bad so stay tuned as to when that might get more fishable…

Good news on the re-opening of the lower 23 miles from Macks Canyon to the Mouth from 2 PM to Dusk. The afternoon closure was lifted because the water temps have become safe for Steelhead. Bad news is the water is very murky with run-off from the White River. It is not good, but if you insist on fishing get some of our big Cough Medicine and Intruder type flies so they can see it in the murky water, and go with a MOW tip where you’ll get the fly down.

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