Crooked River 6/21/16

ODFW shocked the river last week and the findings were dismal. I’m told the trout populations have crashed hard, from about 5000 trout per mile to about 400 trout per mile.

Whitefish population fared better, going from about 7000 per mile to 4000+ per mile. So we have something to fish for! Thank goodness I like whitefish.

Most likely cause was extreme low flows last winter.

What a shame.

I know there is a plan on the table, waiting to be implemented to keep the Crooked at at least 80 cfs. If that would have happened last winter, I think this negative news would have been nothing but positive.

How in the hell did the Bureau of Reclamation let this happen!??? Snowpack was good, but they kept the river at a trickle, then for well over a month this spring raged floodwaters out of the dam and down our nice river.

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