East Lake Fishing Report 7/8/16

Callibaetis are the ticket, with hatches most days going well. Today the hatch began around 10 AM, a few days ago it was 2 PM and a few days before that they were best about 6 PM. I have no idea why, all I can say is be prepared and look for them close to the bank lines pretty much all around the lake with White Slide, Red Slide and Cinder Hill offering the best chances.

This was my first week of not catching fish on Ant’s or Beetles. Both have been hot this week. It was also slow on Chironomids this week, where last week that was my best method for bigger fish.

Wind Drifting a Possie Bugger with a Flashback PT trailer on an intermediate line is still good if the wind is coming out of the West.

I am seeing people illegally taking Rainbow Trout. The non-fin clipped rainbows are required to be released. I am also seeing a lot of mishandling fish. This could be Central Oregon’s best trophy lake, so let’s make sure it is taken care of the right way. Browns and Rainbows need to be respected on the release.

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