Lower Deschutes fishing report 7/8/16

Fishing continues to be good for our guides on the Lower D from WS to Trout Creek. Some dry fly action during the day, but most evenings it picks up as the sun leaves the water. With that said, some evenings the nymphing picks up too. It’s been mostly caddis, caddis and more caddis.
PMD and PED hatches are on, but lighter than the caddis.

Nymphs: Soft hackle PT, Flashback PT, 2 Bit Hooker, CDC Hares Ear, 3 Dollar Dip, Delectable Caddis, Yellow Soft Hackle, Zebra Midge and San Juan Worm

Dries: X Caddis, Missing Link, CDC Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, Purple Haze, Yellow Sparkle Dun, Upright PMD, PMD Cripple, Yellow Sally and Black Midge

Streamers: Sculpin & Sparkle Minnow

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