Crooked River Fishing Report 7/19/16

This is going to be the 1st fishing report I’ve done on the Crooked in a while. It is not “back” but we have seem a couple of encouraging things.

Our friend Dave who is a bamboo rod maker and husband of our guide Mary Ann was out last week and did well Czech nymphing a Zebra Midge. “well” being a relative term means about 11 trout for the day and some whitefish too.

Jared, one of the shop guys was out on Sunday and had a similar day, again all on a zebra midge. His biggest trout was 13-14’ish and a few others 10 to 12″ and some little guys.

It’s not a great report but it is a start. I am beginning to suspect a lot of fish migrated downstream in bad water conditions and are starting to come back up. I am not a fish biologists but I am an observant angler and that is my guess/theory. How many survived that I don’t know, but late summer and fall will hopefully improve over the dismal spring and early summer.

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