Metolius River fishing report 7/19/16

Golden Stones are best in the section from around Tract C down to Allingham with bugs showing down to Gorge.
I had a good report of Salmonflies a few miles below Bridge 99. That makes sense with timing, we usually see them around Wizard Falls in early August so they are moving up the river.
Yellow Sallies are important this time of year. If you are ever in a situation where you can’t figure out what the fish are rising to this time of year, a Yellow Sally is a good one to try. (so are rusty spinners, #18-20 BWO’s, griffith’s gnat and beetles).

PMD’s and Tan Caddis are all over the river. Either could happen at anytime from 11 AM to 8 PM.
Blue Wing Olives are in the evening.
Rusty Spinners at Dusk.

Nymphing is good….sometimes really good. Frenchie is the hot nymph now, but the Zebra Midge continues to produce along with a lot of our usual favorites.

Bull Trout fishing is good but the fish are spread out so you have to find them. In the next 4 weeks or so there should be a lot more fish migrating up to spawn so the Bull Trout fishing will be better.

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