East Lake fishing report 7/19/16

Fishing is good although not as good as the last few years in my opinion. On days the Callibaetis hatch it’s best. The problem lies with the weather I think. Its been windy and sometimes chilly and the hatch fragments and isn’t bringing up the fish like usual.
The other night when I was guiding I set my guys up with a HOVER line and a callibaetis nymph and had pretty good success. I plan to do more of that this week when I guide there tomorrow and when I go fish it myself Friday.

Chironomids are OK. If you hit it about 10 to 1 the fishing seems to be best under the bobber in about 16 to 19 feet of water. My best fly is a black ice cream cone but a summer duck on some days has been the top producer.
Tomorrow I am going to fish more red blood worms on the bottom. Stay tuned.

Damsels are in the game now. Carry and fish both the nymph and adult.

Ants are still good but not as good as they were a few weeks back. Not sure why, but I continue to fish them everyday with some success. Could be the same reason as the limited rise on the callibaetis?

Leeches are good too, especially for you float tube trollers. Run a black or olive leech with a callibaetis nymph trailed behind 20 inches on a hover or intermediate line.

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