Lower Deschutes report 7/19/16

This cooler July weather pattern has been great! The reservoir isn’t spilling too much warm water down the D, in fact as I write this the temp at Warm Springs today is 55 and down at the mouth its 65. Both are great.

So…steelhead are coming in! Mostly they are down in the first 5 to 10 miles up from the Columbia, but those early WILD Deschutes fish move up fast so there are a few fish above the Falls and up to Maupin. Smaller Purple patterns on the swing are what you want right now.

Upriver we are focused on trout and the fishing is good. It’s been a good summer for caddis. We are seeing good action in the eddy’s and you have to check out our selection of spent caddis if you plan to hit that.
PMD and PED hatches are generally good most days.

Girdle Bugs and 2 Bit Hookers are a great combo, along with caddis pupa, 3 dollar dip and CDC hares ears.

Some guys are swinging sculpins and leeches on Switch Rods with good success too.

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