Metolius River fishing report 6/26/16

Pretty good PMD hatches at some point in the day, usually about 4 PM but could be noon or 8 PM so be ready. BWO hatches in the evening have continues to be good in the hatchery area. Caddis are most strong in the evening with emerging patterns like IRIS caddis and Missing Link Caddis are working well.
Stoneflies are out with Golden Stones hatching best in the upper river from Gorge to the Riverside CG area. Salmon flies are hatching in small numbers and in isolated numbers but would be best to carry a big bug pattern! Don’t forget about the Yellow Sallies. Trout love to eat them. they are small and often get overlooked but at times are super important.

BTW, Czech nymphing is amazing! This one was on a PMD nymph.


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