Lower Deschutes report 6/26/16

The range fire has not closed down the WS to Trout Creek stretch. There is some active fire burning in the area, from the Hawaiian Islands area towards the takeout at Trout Creek. It is all on the West Side of the river and is burning mostly grass.

We are still fishing and still guiding at this point.

Fishing is good. Lots of caddis still and we are getting them up on dries like the spent caddis, X caddis, cdc caddis, iris caddis and of course elk hair’s too.
Some pmd and ped hatches will round out the day, we are usually seeing the mayflies only in the evening. Purple haze have been great.

Stonefly nymphs are working especially well, with a Frenchie, Copper John, CDC Hares Ear, Soft Hackle or Flashback PT and Caddis Pupa taking fish all day.

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