Crooked River report 8/26/16

We are seeing improvement on the Crooked. It’s not “back”, like it used to be, but its better than earlier in the season.

Water levels remain slightly high for summer levels. This is due to an misinterpretation in the new water law, and the ODFW is in the process of working with the Bureau of Reclamation to conserve 80 cfs in the summer and then run 80 cfs when irrigation season is done for the winter.
There are too many rumors flying around. This is the facts of the extra 80 cfs flowing now.

Most rainbows being caught now are 5 to 9 inches. It is a good thing to see the rainbows coming back even if they are smaller fish. We’ve also seen good whitefish catches in the pools. Don’t poo-poo whitefish. They are native and they are rad.

Zebra Midges and tiny beats nymphs are the best bet. Drop Shot set up with a NZ indicator is the way to go.
Some BWO, PMD and Midge action on top, so look for rising fish and switch to a dry if you see fish on the top.

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