Good news, Rivers are DROPPING 5/24/23

Wow the rivers are dropping and clearing fast. Good to see for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

The Lower Deschutes now has about 3 feet of clarity and clearing, and has dropped to well below 5000 cfs.
The Salmonfly and Goldenstone hatches are going to rip for the next 2 weeks! PMD’s and Caddis are hatching in big numbers too.
Are the fish totally keyed on the surface yet? Not yet in many of the runs and riffles but it is about to explode.

The McKenzie dropped like a rock this week! It is so fishable and floatable at this level, and we are ready to get back down the river over there.

The Crooked is dropping fast too. It is at 639 cfs tonight and that is the lowest it has been in about 5 weeks. Still too high for us to go fish, but the trend is fabulous to watch as we are excited to go back to this desert tailwater and catch some fish on one of our favorite rivers. Give it another week and I bet we are there, or really really close.

The Middle Deschutes is still a bit higher than normal at 132 cfs, but totally fishable. Salmonflies are looking close to done in most areas. That means it is moving to Pale Evening Duns, PMD’s and Caddis. Definitely bring your euro rod and do some nymphing and streamer fishing.

The Fall River is open 100% from the Headwaters to the Deschutes. I forgot to mention on the 5/22 report that that opened below the falls too.
Should be a good Memorial Day weekend on the Fall and look for Green Drakes to be amongst the hatches of PMD’s and BWO’s, Caddis and Midges. Ants and Beetles will be an important part of the dry fly puzzle on these warm days.

The Upper Deschutes Headwaters stretch is open and fishing nicely according to Troy who guided there today. So far it is mostly nymphing. Should be some Drakes and PMD’s quite soon. DOn’t hesitate to fish streamers and sculpins in the log jams and cut banks.

The Metolius is good, still running a little high but clarity is better and hatches are better. Great Green Drake hatches are ramping up now. PMD, BWO, Caddis are all hatching and can be important at any stage of the hatch.
Nice to have the Upper River open above Camp Sherman, especially with the nymph rods. Most of the Drake action so far remains below the hatchery and especially b below Bridge 99.

Paulina was decent yesterday. We found water temps from 37 to about 43 yesterday and got most of our fish on a balanced leech. Olive (watermelon) Brown (spectrum or BC Brown) and Black.

I heard from some Sunriver friends that East Lake was good out of their tubes and pontoons. Lake should be 100% ice free in the next day or so. Balanced Leeches and Chironomids and little Red PT’s or 2 Bit Hookers under an indicator.
Water temps are still very cold. Access is still extremely limited to the resort or Hot Springs Ramp area.
I also can tell you it looks like the lake levels did not budge for the better after the snowy winter, so launching bigger boats will remain difficult. I heard that the resort (might be offering) a service to help you launch and trailer boats from their ramp for a fee. Might be worth it, but I am pretty stoked in the investment I just made in the ultimate Koffler drift boat set up for lakes with this exact scenario in mind. I am going to launch all season in that boat.

Crane Prairie is good. I think this is the best opener in years for the 1st two weeks. Yep, I have heard some slow days and sad stories and no fish of very few fish, but a lot of anglers are doing well. So far the Deschutes Channel and Cultus Channel areas are the best.

Fishing is very good on South Twin. Lots of sinking line techniques and damsel nymphs and olive buggers, but a chironomid under the indicator is a good bet for sure.

Lava Lake is in a turn over situation and looks terrible. I am hopeful it will be ok in a week. The local ODFW fish biologist seems optimistic about the fish that were stocked and that are coming soon.

Little Lava as of today is not accessible.

Hosmer is not accessible. I do know it is ice free. Walk in???? Drag a tube. I know some people who probably will do that. Enjoy the peacefulness before it gets crazy.

Three Creeks Lake is not accessible.

No reports from Davis or Wickiup (STILL!) Both are open and fishing ought to be ok.

See you on the water and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll be on the water the next several days so I’ll check in again on, or just after Memorial Day.


2 thoughts on “Good news, Rivers are DROPPING 5/24/23

  1. Heading out to Sisters the week of 5/29. Hoping the Crooked will be fishing by then and that drakes will be in full force on the Met. Fingers crossed!

  2. I can tell you without a doubt that Quinn was dreadful the past few days. Very few caught in the area. I did better venturing out into the lake a bit, but it still wasn’t phenomenal. Cultus area wasn’t great Thursday, but I didn’t hang there long. Olive leeches were best for me personally. Fish them farther off the bottom than usual

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