Lakes update for the 1st of June

East Lake is ok, seems to be in a bit of a turnover with murkier water, plus a lot of rainbows on the bank lines going through spawning motions. Water temps high 40’s to lower 50’s. Today we got all of our fish (around 12) on black balanced leeches. I think it’s good to fish, but give it a week and it’ll get better and better. No docks. Water is low so I launched the drift boat.

Paulina is also in a bit of a turnover, especially on the East end of the lake. It’s greener this week than last week and in places has a lot of floating decaying algae. Water temps are still quite chilly and barely getting over 40 with 43 a balmy reading. Last week the fishing was red hot, this week I’d stil say good but the turnover usually takes 5-7 days and I think it just started yesterday or the day before. By this time next week I’m going to guess it’s going to be great. No docks at the launch sites so call the Deschutes National Forest and let them know that you would like them to install the docks at Paulina CG and Little Crater as the season is upon us.

Crane Prairie is best in the Deschutes Channel and Cultus Channel areas. Some nice fish coming on balanced leeches and Chironomids. 2 years ago in early to mid June the Callibaetis were amazing last year not so much. Hopefully this year will be better for them again. I’m headed there tomorrow. Tonn guided there a few days ago and had good fishing.

Hosmer is open and accessible. One report from Tonn and that the fish were chasing and eating water boatman. Good catches in the lower and upper lakes. Leeches, damsels, chironomids, Callibaetis nymphs are recommended. I’d guess the 1st brood of callibaetis is going to hatch next week during the warmer weather coming.

Wickiup sucks I hear. kokanee jigging and trolling is okay.

South Twin is very good. Leeches and damsel nymphs mostly, great kicking and trolling from your tube.

North Twin is also good, a lot of Balanced Leeches under the indicator.

I’ve not heard any reports from Davis.

Lava is going to be stocked soon. It was murky but I’m hoping it was just a spring turnover and that it will clear.

The road work is getting started on Forest Road 16 to Three Creek Lake. There will be no access for almost 2 months. That’s a bummer. Put Todd Lake on your radar in about 3 weeks and for the summer as a good alternative.

I’m feeling like everything is running like it is 2 weeks late. That should make for a good June ahead!

See you on the water!


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