Three Creeks Lake report 7/22/15

I was up a few days ago and had a lot of picky fish snub most of the callibaetis i showed them so I went with a #18 hares ear on 6x fluorocarbon and dropped it 18 inches off a white palsa indicator and that worked well.
I had a friend up last evening and he said the callibaetis action was insane. So it changes….it’s fishing.
Little Henryville Caddis are working well too. I’d call it a must have for now.
On warmer and calmer evenings the big Traveling Sedge (caddis) will be on and our Cascade Caddis is a must have to skitter on the surface.
With the windy conditions the last several days terrestrials are a must.
Bring a sinking line and some leeches like a rufus and trail a callibaetis soft hackle or roxy’s rainbow off the back for when they are not looking up.

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